Karnali province is one of the poorest regions in Nepal, with a high incidence of poverty and limited economic opportunities. Many residents rely on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods, which can be challenging due to the region’s harsh climate and rugged terrain. Access to quality education is limited in Karnali province, with many schools lacking basic facilities and trained teachers. This can hinder the educational opportunities and future prospects of the region’s children and youth. Many schools in this region lack sufficient toilets for both male and female students, The condition is bad to worse for the teenage female student during the menstruation period and is one of the main reasons for school absenteeism. Below is one of the schools of that region that badly needed the girl’s toilet.

School Name: Shree Satyadevi Secondary School

Address: Tilagupha Municipality, Kalikot

Number of students: 350 (205 girls & 145 boys)

No. of Available Toilet: 2

Needed Toilet: 8 Toilets ( 6 urinals & 2 flush toilets) for girls

                           6 Toilets (4 urinals & 2 flush toilets) for boys (optional)

Budget: USD 20,000 for girls’ toilet (WHO Standard RCT Toilet Building,   incinerator, WAS Training, Menstruation Health Management Training, etc)

USD 15,000 for boy’s toilet (WHO Standard RCT Toilet Building, WAS Training, etc)